2020 Valentine's Day Outfits: Ideas For Every Plan

Achieve an effortless V-Day look with my top 4 Valentine's Day collections to match your plans!

February 7, 2020

Whether you're married, in a serious relationship, in a new relationship, or single, sexy, and free, how your spending your Valentine's Day is a an unavoidable thought. Why? Not only is it a day that celebrates and exemplifies love and all its glory, its also a great excuse to dress up. So regardless of your relationship status or your plans, check out 4 of my favorite Valentine's Day looks that are appropriate for all your plans.


THE RELAXED & COMFORTABLE COUPLES aka "Netflix and Chill Vibe"

This look is for the long term couples, the homebodies and workaholics. Sometimes with all the day-to- day hustle and bustle, we tend to forget the most valuable gift we can offer our significant other cost absolutely nothing but our time. We all get caught up in "Go Mode" and the demands of work life, and the never ending commitments so its always good to lay low, order some food, or cook a home cooked meal right in the comfort of your own home. You can also plan a stay-cation at your local hotel. If you have kids, get a baby sitter, close friend, or family member to keep them for the night. Although your planning to stay in, that doesn't mean you have to be in pajamas (unless you want too). Comfort is key so consider a nice fitted jogging suit, or cute lounge set, throw on some fuzzy socks, light accessories and enjoy your relaxed night with bae.

NEWBIE COUPLES :The Intimate Dinner"

One of the most popular go to plans on Valentine's day is the intimate dinner date. This type of Valentine's Day date has love written all over it. You don't have to be a newbie to desire a nice intimate candlelight dinner, but you know if you have a new boo on Valentine's day chances are you're stepping out and doing it REAL big. The intimate dinner is all about dimmed lights, candles, chocolate, over-sized teddy bears, and you can't forget the red roses. This type of date requires you to go all out sis, so we're thinking all types of sexy. Throw on that red dress (in my Johnny Gill voice) give him some off the shoulder, play with some splits, and texture (ruffles pictured above). To finish off this glamorous look throw on some dangling earrings , grab your envelope clutch, and your stepping out pumps and girl that's a LOOK!


This date is the perfect way to include everyone you know whether it be friends, couples, or family its free game! This is for the couples that don't really care about the intimacy of the holiday, they just find a great excuse to dress up and step out. If your at the stage of being unimpressed with celebrating Valentine's day, you already see you partner every night, do regular dinner dates you don't mind sharing the day with a few of your closest friends and/or family members check out this look!. This is actually one of my favorite looks. Toss that dress to the side sis, and jazz it up with a fun suit. I'm talking flowy pants, long-tailored blazer sort of suit. You can make this look fun with your favorite graphic tee (or get a valentine's day themed one to keep it cute). For accessories, go bold with a large link choker, a block heel, and a cute chain purse for good measure. This event type is super versatile.

FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY: "Galentine's Day Meet-up"

Not Everybody celebrates Valentine's Day, and believe it or not, it's a lot of negative Nancy's who frown upon Valentine's Day. Some people may call them haters, but I digress (inserts sigh) but we can't control how other people think so I though it was pretty dope that In the last couple of years, we have seen the emergence of what is referred to as the celebration of your girlfriends! (also known as Galentine’s Day). Galentine’s day is becoming a relevant and important type of event within Valentine’s Day date spectrum. This means we need to embrace it and rethink the way we celebrate this significant day! So, for this event, go for pink and red Valentine’s Day outfits!

All in all, Valentine’s day shouldn’t just be about love one day a year. Constantly, we should be telling the ones around us that we love and care about them on a daily basis, because life is too short not to. Make sure you share the love around this Valentine’s Day equally with all your significant peeps!