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Embracing your Season

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Phase 11: The Joy & Pressure in Marriage

In Phase 11, Angelique teams up with her husband as they discuss the dynamics of marriage and how to embrace the good and the bad, the happy and sad... The Joy & Pressure that come with marriage.

Phase 10: Overcoming Distractions

In Phase 10, Angelique discusses the importance of overcoming distractions in our everyday lives, she also offers a few tips on how we can get a handle when we are up close and personal with the very circumstances that are created to throw us off track.

Phase 9: How Do You Measure Success

In Phase 9 of the Under Construction Podcast, Angelique discusses the topic of success. She explores the topic my introducing 3 very simplistic yet vital points to consider as it pertains to your quest to success.

Phase 8: Love Thyself

In Phase 8, Angelique delves into the topic of Self Love and discusses not only the importance of self love, but how the lack of self love can affect our mindsets, lifestyles, relationships and so much more. Angelique gives 7 tips that are helping her on our consistent journey to self love.

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