Beauty// My Everyday 5- Minute Mom Make-up Look

I have some simple hacks to get you looking fresh in a flash. Wake up just five minutes earlier to do these easy steps and you will look glam and ready for any occasion.

April 16, 2020
Hey Girl Hey!!!!

If you're anything like me, the last thing that you have time to do in the morning before work is put on a full face of make-up. Now, I won't even pretend like I always go to work with even the least bit of make-up on. If we're being honest, I went to work today with absolutely nothing on my face, not even mascara.

Ever since I've gotten my skin under control I've been rocking the fresh face EVERYDAY not just on Friday's lol. However, there are some days that I want to rock a natural, flawless, make-up-no-make-up look. If I don't wake up before my kids, or strategically time it while their eating breakfast or getting dressed,

I won't have time for make-up. Today I'm sharing a SUPER simple 5 minute Mom Makeup look with all my mamas who want to look more awake in the morning and less like you just rolled out of bed. Below, I will share my simple tips and some of my favorite products  that help me to achieve a flawless, glowy, and easy everyday look in minutes.

My everyday 5- minute mom make-up look consists of eyebrows. Many times, I will do my skincare routine put on some primer (because I am a combination girl and that nose and forehead gets oily QUICK) and just fill in my eyebrows. I rarely wear foundation, but sometimes, I want something minimum coverage and so I have started to use tinted moisturizers. This has got to be one of THEE best tinted moisturizers known to man, hydrating, light, and glowy! if you don't believe me go try for yourself.

Another one of my FAVORITE things to do in addition to just filling in my eyebrows, is to put some of my favorite loose powder on my face using my favorite big brush. Now, if ya girl is really feeling herself i will do a light contour of my face using my all time favorite ALL purpose contour palette in medium to dark. For my eyes, for an everyday look, I will take a small eye shadow brush and use the contour color from my black radiance contour palette and apply it all over my eyelid. [Tip: you can apply a nude shadow, or the contour color from the contour palette and apply to the crease, it gives the illusion that you have applied eyeshadow over the entire lid, [thank me later sis].

Concealer! Concealer! Concealer! listen you can skip all the steps above and just apply concealer under those eyes (because we know some of us got more bags than Gucci). Concealer goes a long way and can definitely brighten the eyes and have you looking more awake on those challenging mornings or just for everyday wear.

You can stop at Mascara if you'd like or you can go a step further if time permits and throw on some eyeliner too.

My holy grail and the third to the last for my everyday mommy look is a highlight! Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall I love a good glow! If you're feeling extra, you can add your favorite blush, but its not necessary! Lastly, Lips! what you serving for the lip girl?!?! Listen, this look allows you to go bold or to go simple. Apply your favorite gloss

or your favorite lipstick. I love nudes so most of the time whether its gloss or lipstick i'm popping on a lip liner to serve up a little dimension! [check out my Spring Lipstick youtube video].

Last but not least, you have to seal the deal with a setting spray. Even though the look is simple you want it all to stay in place and to be set for the gawds!

You can be well put together without a full face glam or 2hrs in the bathroom. Just bring your face and bring your confidence along with it because truth be told, I don't NEED it and neither do you!

Shop my Everyday Make-up Favorites:

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Laura Mercier Loose Powder

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