Read about my 30-day challenge to growing as a blogger and content creator with Russell Brunson's 30-Day Traffic Secret's Challenge

June 26, 2020
Thank you for reading about my journey! This is a sponsored post for Russell Brunson's "Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook." All opinions stated in this blog post are my own.



In the later part of May, I made the decision to participate in a 30-day challenge. If I can be honest, I had no idea how and if this book would help me as a blogger, content creator, or as an influencer. I naturally enjoy reading and decided why not give it a try. 30 days later, I am excited to say that participating in this challenge has been one of the best decisions I could have made. The decision to embark upon this journey came packed full of wisdom, insight, and knowledge that I had not quite possessed or even thought about as I wrestled with identifying the best strategies that would lead to my success as an entrepreneur.

What shifted my mindset? I'm so glad that you asked. I had the opportunity to read Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers. Not only is this book packed full of knowledge but, the book includes a thorough breakdown and walks you through a step-by-step process. The book included discussions about identifying your dream customer, traffic secrets for Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Youtube, hooks, offers and so much more. What helped me to follow along and comprehend were the worksheets that I received. The worksheets helped to narrow my focus and included lessons or areas of focus per day.

                                                     Who is Russell Brunson???

Russell Brunson is a Best-Selling Author and CEO of $100M software company ClickFunnels. Through his success, he has built an impressive following and has changed the lives of thousands of people who have joined his tribe. Russell Brunson is someone who I would define as a serial entrepreneur.  Brunson, has both founded and co-founded multiple successful businesses, coined some extremely effective sales techniques, and published several best-selling books for marketing.

Traffic Secrets really expounds on the importance of identifying your audience. Having a detailed understanding of your target audience can also help improve your website's SEO ranking. Because you know what's interesting to your followers, you can do related keyword research and use the high search keywords to create relevant content. Before starting the "Traffic Secrets" challenge, I knew that I wanted to take my brand and my blog to the next level, offer editing services, writing e-books, and a chance to collaborate with the brands I loved. I just needed a plan. The vision for my brand is to be authentic, organic, transparent, and relatable to my audience.

Participating in this 30-day challenge put all of these things in perspective for me. I want to encourage my audience to live their lives outside of the box. I believe that we were all created with a unique purpose and I want to walk my audience and potential clients through that process. I am currently in a PhD program studying strategic communications and therefore, I have a natural love for people. Many things about growing my brand I was aware of, but Traffic Secrets helped me to really narrow down the How in regards to executing my plan.  The best part about Traffic Secrets is that the principles Russell teaches are universal. Everything you learn in the book can all be applied to help you grow all your social platforms. The hook-story-offer was a new concept to me but quite practical. I've learned that your ability to "story-tell" helps to grab the attention of your audience after that then you can introduce an offer that fixes their problem. Traffic Secrets truly made me think about my Why and How I can help solve the problems that my potential clients and audience have. That's major!

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Reading Traffic Secrets has really helped me to set realistic goals, plan, and execute my content and strategies for my business moving forward. I am really excited about next month to truly apply all that I have taken away from Russell Brunson's book, Traffic Secrets: The underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers. I am confident that all that I have learned during this challenge will help my blog to take off bringing new and continuous visitors, new subscribers, clients, and customers. Thank you all for following along with my journey and if you haven't' had the opportunity check out my journey through my Instagram Stories right here! Also, you can get you're very own free copy of Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, all you're responsible for paying is shipping. Get your copy Now!