35 Easy Activities For Your Busy 1 Year old

Best Activities for your One Year Old's

April 21, 2020
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Have you ever heard the term "Tabies" before? Yeah me neither! Well not until I went searching the net for some activities I could do with my One year old daughter and I came across the blog of former teacher & childhood education expert Susie. Susie's site focuses on bringing hands- on, play based learning back to families and the classroom. While diligently scoping out her page I found exactly what I was looking for on her pose 30+ Easy Activities for 1 Year Olds.

On this particular post Susie shared that "tabies" are no longer babies, but most certainly aren't fully toddlers either. She went on to further share that they are mobile, intuitive, verbal, but not verbal enough to converse and reason with them. Our wild, free, and fearless tabies are stuck between babyland and toddler world and are just just wanting to figure out where they fit in (however that works). Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of fun activities to do with your tabies that I've done or intend on doing based on fellow mommy bloggers. All information is linked below. Enjoy!


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The Learning Journey: My First Match It - Head and Tails - 15 Self-Correcting Animal Matching Puzzles

Baby Play Ideas:

Toddler Drive and Drop - Days with Grey

Sticky Grab - Happily Ever Mom

Sticky Pumpkin - Days with Grey

Toddler Shapes Game - The Mama Workshop

DIY Pick a Color - Days with Grey

PVC Pipe Ball Drop - A Crafty Living

DIY Sensory Board - Happily Ever Mom

Velcro and Pom Poms - Teach Me Mommy

Q-Tip Push - Happily Ever Mom

Clothespin Pull - Days with Grey

DIY Object Permanence - The Paige Diaries

Ribbon Box - Teaching Mama

Scoop and Dump - Busy Toddler

Dry Bath - Busy Toddler

Outdoor Block and Sticks - Days with Grey

Baby Board Book Hack - Teaching Mama

Baby Sensory Ideas:

Dry Noodle Sensory Play - Days with Grey

How to Train for Sensory Play - Days with Grey

Cereal Pool - Busy Toddler

Sweet and Tasty - Days with Grey

Magic Foam Spiders - Fun at Home with Kids

Sensory Play for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers - A Crafty Living

DIY Animal Sensory Board - Find The Little Mind

Baby Music Bin - Busy Toddler

Soap Paint - A Crafty Living

Shredded Paper Bin - Days with Grey

Homemade Edible Paint - Fun at Home with Kids

Rainbow Spaghetti - A Crafty Living

Foam Sensory Tubs - The Paige Diaries

Baby Songs and Chants - Teaching Mama

DIY Baby Sensory Blocks - A Crafty Living