Family Christmas Pajama PhotoShoot

We always look forward to taking pictures for our Christmas cards. Check out how I improvised with our matching pajama sets for our Christmas pictures!

December 10, 2019

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One of the great things about the holidays is the joy of passing down all of the fun traditions you grew up with to your children.Growing up, my family never did traditional family pictures or Christmas cards so it has always been important for me to create my own traditions with my family of 5. One tradition that I want to continue to do every year is taking family pictures. Anyone that knows me knows I love a good family photo especially during the holidays.

Pictures are so special to me because they capture everlasting moments that you can cherish forever and pass down to your family generation after generation. This year’s family picture is super exciting because they include our newest addition to the family baby girl Jolie. Jolie was born in January of this year and missed out on Christmas 2018 so it was important to me that we capture some really fun photos and some even better memories with her this Christmas.

Usually I would team up with one of my many photographer friends and do a bomb location shoot like our 2017 Christmas pictures (see below) but this year it just wasn’t in the budget. I almost got discouraged, but God came through with a ram in the bush. I received an emailed with a coupon from Portrait Innovations as they were running a special for portrait packages. For $29.99 we received, 40 portraits (same pose), 17 Christmas cards (from your favorite selected pose), a disc with our one pose (that I just realized as I was getting this post together, included all of our pictures come on God!) and a free 16X20 canvas. Hubby and I were sold. We decided together that we wanted to do something different with the kids so we opted for Family matching pajama photos this year.

December 2017 Christmas Pictures
The Pajama Shopping Process

Once we decided that we were going to go with dressing in matching pajamas, I immediately went searching online. To my disappointment, none of the pajamas would be delivered in time for our photo-shoot. The next best place to look in the time- frame that I was working with was Old Navy. There was a new old navy built by my job so, on my lunch break I went to check out what options there were. I found several cute pajama sets but, they only had matching sets for mommy, daddy, and baby. It was time for mama to improvise. I purchased a one-piece pajama set for baby girl, I found matching pajama pants that were on sale for $10! for hubby and I. They didn’t have the pajama pants for the boys (face palm) but, IMPROVISING is my middle name.

  I purchased a size small and an X-small out of the women’s section for the boys, hubby used safety pins to hem up the legs of the pants for both the boys, and cinched in the waist on Jordan's pajama pants. I snatched up some thermal tops that were also $10 except hubby’s, his were buy (2) for $30 so his shirt ended up  costing $15.99.Nonetheless, we were all set to go! Hubby purchased a pack of white socks for him and I and a pack for the boys and if I should say so myself, our pictures were a hit! Baby girl showed completely out (just like her mama) and got all the love from the photographers in the studio.  It is definitely possible to improvise when looking for family pajamas and still capture some awesome moments. I did notice that finding matching pajama sets for your family are mostly found online so make sure you give yourself enough time to place your order and for it to be delivered. (we were last minute this year).

Great places to purchase matching pajamas for the entire family are amazon, children’s place (who always has the best priced pajamas... best prices PERIOD! actually), target, and Old Navy. I am excited to pass out our Christmas cards this year and beyond happy to celebrate Christmas and create new family traditions with the ones I love. I think next year I'm going to set up my tripod and take our family pictures myself!! I pray your holiday is filled with lots of love, laughter, and many blessings.