How To Maximize Your Current Wardrobe

Being fashionable whilst maintaining finances might seem impossible, but it really isn’t. Here’s how.

January 14, 2020

Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute, all the times that we say we have absolutely nothing to wear really just gives us an excuse to go to our favorite online store, thrift store,target, the mall, really... wherever you deem fit to purchase your clothes and rack up! Half of the time all we do is add on to what we already have in our closet to sit and "wait" for the best time to show off our latest outfits and they either don't get worn or have only been worn one time to just sit in the back of our closets to disappear to the long lost land of " I forgot I had this."

Listen sis, I am NOT judging you, although, I get rid of clothes quite often, I still manage to replace those same clothes I got rid of with some more clothes (face palm). Shopping legit is addictive. I was constantly buying new clothes because it felt like I could NEVER have enough leaving me ignoring 80% of my closet and repeating the same outfit (another face palm) But guess what? Its a new year and its time for a new mindset! which is why I committed to not purchasing any clothes or any shoes for the next 90 days HELP ME LORD!!! The purpose of doing this is to gain self discipline over my finances, and really making myself maximize and be creative with what I already have in my closet. So if you're ready to save, be more self disciplined in your spending habits, and maximize your wardrobe then keep reading because sis, we are off to a fresh start in 2020.

So, you've come to terms with the fact that you have a shopping problem (welcome to the club) lol no but really, you realize something has to change and you are determined to follow through this time and just don't know how. I want to share with you what I have been doing the past two weeks. First, I took the time out to purge my closet of items I haven't worn in 6 months to a year or anything out dated. Once I did that, I organized my closet based on colors and the type of clothing. For example: I have a section where all my jeans are hanging (from light to dark) before the jeans are my pants i.e khaki's or slacks, I have my blazers, skirts, dresses, and all my tops i.e. sweater, blouses, and casual shirts color coded. This system personally works for me but you're more than welcome to organize your closet in the way that you deem fit. So now that we're organized for the most part lets get to how we're going to get the most out of this closet.

1) Find Inspiration

Look for inspiration to find your style. Pinterest is your best friend and will never steer you wrong. Sometimes, I'll find something I want to wear and I'll simply google "trendy outfits with..." You can even inspire yourself! Love a look you put together? take a picture or jot it down so you can recreate it again.

2) Play Dress- Up

It is fun and easy to use what you already have in your closet to reinvent your wardrobe. Now is the time to mix it. Break seasonal rules, layer and add a fun accessory like a great scarf or hat.

Make a bold statement by mixing prints or pairing colors together like lavender and gray, turquoise and coral, orange and blue or purple and yellow  the possibilities are endless. Challenge yourself to change it up. Always wear black? Try to wear a pop of color twice a week.

You can update the look of a garment by changing the proportion and adding a belt at your waist. Also, tucking your shirt in is another easy way to style your outfit. Dress down formal clothing to wear during the day. Have a great party dress? Try layering a denim shirt underneath it to make it day appropriate. For nighttime you can try the reverse and pair your denim shirt with a sparkly skirt and jewelry.

3) Identify Gaps in your Wardrobe

We all want our wardrobe to be functional and reflect our own lifestyle. It's difficult to identify gaps in our wardrobe unless we are forced to use what we have. Use the "shopping your closet approach" as this can really help you know whats inside your wardrobe and pinpoint what to keep and what to declutter.

4) Define Your Personal Style

When you are maximizing your wardrobe, this can help you better understand and define your own personal style. For example, if you know you have a favorite pair of jeans, a favorite shirt,skirt, or maybe even a favorite pair of shoes, look at that piece as your staple piece like I did below. I thrifted staple pieces for a project I did with two of my girl friends.

5) Purchase the basics (If you don't have a massive wardrobe):

Wardrobe basics or essentials, like a chic trench coat, a black blazer, a white button down shirt and a classic pair of blue jeans are perfect items to help stretch your wardrobe. Key pieces like this can be rotated throughout your wardrobe over and over again, and they can also be transitioned to each season.

6) Create a Uniform for the Week:

Creating a uniform for the work week is a very practical way to maximize your wardrobe. Create a few looks that you can wear and restyle Monday – Friday and the question, “what to wear” will be a lot easier answer when getting dressed in the morning. Think blazer, shell, and skirt or dress and jacket… then mix it all up!

7) Last but NOT least, Be open Minded:

Acquire an open mind about your style and be excited about all the wonderful styling possibilities that are in your closet! Play around with different pairings. This blouse with this skirt, this jacket with this pair of jeans, etc. You never know what you can find!

Try out some of these simple tips and steps and I bet you'll begin to see your wardrobe in a whole new light. I plan to maximize my wardrobe a lot for the next 90- days, but if you're interested in joining me I saved a little something for you. Click the link here and you'll see that I have created a "30-Day Shop your Wardrobe Challenge" prayerfully, this will be  the jump start you need to saving money, maximizing your wardrobe, and looking good all at the same time. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you join the challenge let me know in the comments as well and also share with me over on my socials.