Losing It: To the Mama Struggling with Patience

Just a little encouragement for my mommy's struggling with patience... I See You!

July 29, 2020

Losing It: To the Mama Struggling with Patience

"Stop!" "I have to use the bathroom!" (Boom, something fell) (Crying) "Mom!" "Dad!"... It’s like it never stops. God, please tell me that it stops! One day… soon. First thing in the morning is a fight and I find myself immediately annoyed. It's 8 am and there’s already a problem.

"Is your bed made?" "Have you washed your face and brushed your teeth this morning?" I’m always perplexed because these are things that you’re supposed to do EVERY morning and yet, I still find myself asking the same questions when I already know the answer. What is wrong with them Lord? Is it something that I did? Am doing? Not getting? Because, as much as I love my kids, they sure know how to pluck a nerve.

Oh, and the youngest one! She keeps telling me No! She fights, screams, and now she puts her hands in her mouth while she’s crying which ultimately turns into throwing up regardless of how many times I have removed her hand out of her mouth. This… Can’t... Be… Life!

Let’s not get started on the rooms. I find myself telling them at least a hundred times a day (exaggerated, but close to it) to clean their rooms up. "Why is this on the floor, turn the TV down and stop sitting on the bookshelf, separate from one another, JUST STOP!" (Uh oh! It happened. I raised my voice, I’m yelling, again).

Where is my patience? Am I a bad mom because I lost my cool? Are we better mothers when we hold it together because we were more patient in these frustrating moments? The truth is, I’ve had my share of impatient moments with my kids. I’ve yelled when shoes aren’t put up properly, when their beds are a mess. I’ve become frustrated when I spend hours cleaning and they come right behind me and mess up with no remorse. I’ve blown the deepest breath known to man when I’ve found out that my youngest son has ripped, broken, torn, or cut something else in the house that wasn’t designed for him to destroy.

I’ve held back tears, I’ve closed my bedroom door to catch my breath and then attempted to push away the guilt that I find suddenly creeping up because once I’ve calmed down I’ve realized that I lacked patience… AGAIN!

I’ve been a patient mama and I’ve been a not so patient mama. To the mother struggling with patience I see you girl! To the mom having a hard time adjusting to working from home, I sympathize with you. Because I find myself struggling too, right along with you.

I get tired of repeating myself time and time again. It can get a tad bit overwhelming to give the baby snacks, work from home, and answer questions from my two other kids because they want to know who’s right and who’s wrong. Where’s y'all daddy at? Someday's, I’m in my bag and other days I'm tangled up in one. Some days are sunny and others come with storms. But, through it all, I see how motherhood is shaping me. I have more patient moments then impatient ones. It’s okay to have a moment, but leave that moment there. Don’t carry it over with you to the next day.

Wake up a little earlier and COMMAND YOUR DAY! Pray for and over your kids. Talk with them. Extend the same grace that God extends to us EVERYDAY to your kids. Work on progressing because sis, perfection is pending. We are all works in progress and we are getting better every day. The rooms are being cleaned without us having to ask, the tables have been wiped down, dishes washed, and beds made. Look, daddy showed up too lol. Sometimes minute-to-minute, we’re changing! Let’s just not beat ourselves up if you find that you’re just not quite there yet. We’ll get there. Forgive yourself today for being impatient. Embrace the gift of motherhood and remember, there can’t be sunshine without a little rain.