My Favorite Subscription Boxes

Today, I will be sharing (3) of my favorite subscription boxes, why I love them, and why you should subscribe to one or all of them...

October 30, 2020

My Favorite Subscription Boxes

I absolutely love all things clothes, hair, candles, make-up, and bomb skincare products. Those of you that have similar infatuations already know the that the costs for quality jeans, a good candle, the best skincare can add up. Because I consider myself a bargain shopper, I’m always looking for the best deals and out to get some bank for my bunk that’s why I love a goo subscription box. Today, I will be sharing (3) of my favorite subscription boxes, why I love them, and why you should subscribe to one or all of them.

The Value of Subscription Boxes:

Subscription boxes are a collection of products that are offered at a discounted price as a part of a schedule subscription. Many of these subscription boxes can be paid for annually, monthly, every three months, or every 6 months. For brands its a lucrative way to get their products in front of their ideal consumer. For us (the consumers) it is one of, if not THEE best way to get a curated collection of the latest and quality products for the fraction of the price.

Here are (3) of my favorite subscription boxes. I do pay for them myself. I am an affiliate for one as well which means I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you.


My Favorite Subscription Boxes:

1. The TheraBox:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE! The TheraBox. Therabox is the #1 self-care subscription box. This subscription box is a therapist curated box of products that come packed full of products that help inspire us to live happier relaxing, and joyful lives. Each box includes a happiness activity by neuroscience and positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness for the mind, body, and soul. A box full of self-care at its finest.

Each box comes with (1) happiness boosting activity +6-8 full size self-care wellness goodies including aromatherapy, natural/organic beauty, and other lifestyle products. You can subscribe to1,3,6, or 12 month plans for $34.99. I have found so many new self-care favorites. You can order the Therabox here.

2. Ipsy

Now ipsy is my jam yall! I have been subscribed to Ipsy for years. I love that I can skip months if I’ll be out of town or find myself in need of anything new. I absolutely am obsessed with make-up and make-up tools. I have a large selection of makeup tools, makeup products, and skincare products. I love this option because I get to try new things without fraction the price. When I first subscribed to Ipsy, they only sold Glam Bags now, you can subscribe to Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate.  Ipsy is a monthly subscription service starting from $12 a month, Glam Bag Plus is $25/month and Glam Bag Ultimate for$50/month.

3. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal style service for men, women, and children. I love Stitch Fix and I can’t lie, receiving a personalized box in the mail filled with some clothes is music to my ears lol! What I like the most about this subscription box is that the website allows you to personalize your style. You create your own profile including information such as height, weight, and style likes and dislikes. They use stylists to create a box filled with 5-6 clothing and/or accessory items. Like many of the other subscription boxes you can skip a month, pay monthly. Use my link to get started and get a $25 credit.  

Also, no subscription is required so you can try stitch fix once or set up automatic deliveries. You’ll pay just a$20 styling fee when your stylist begins. It gets credited towards any pieces that you decide to keep. Get a fix when you want, try on at home, send what you don’t want back in three days and if you need a little more time, they also give you an option to extend your return date for more time. Buy what you like ,send back the rest and the shipping is of no cost to you.


What To Do With Products You Don’t Like:

This is something I’ve talked about with friends who have a beauty box subscription like me. You’ll definitely receive products, sometimes in every box, that you wouldn’t use personally.

It’s pretty easy to come up with ways to put those products to good use anyway. Here are a few ideas:

  • Donate to a women’s shelter. This is usually what I do. These women are rebuilding their lives, usually looking for work as well, and really appreciate great products to help them feel more confident and prepared.
  • Give as gifts. Set aside the products you think someone in your life will like and gift it to them for the next holiday, birthday, etc.
  • Trade online. Many boxes have online share groups where you can post what you got and what product you’d prefer from other box versions. Whatever you do, don’t toss them! What doesn't work for you might be perfect for someone else!

Have you tried any of these (3) Subscription boxes? Which one is your favorite?

If you love subscriptions as much as I do drop me a line in the comments.

~P.S.- I’ll be doing a review on Boxy Charm soon and will definitely spill the tea when it gets delivered. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this beauty box so I’m looking forward to receiving it very soon. Until then…