Protect and Childproof Your Home with The Door Guardian

For use on INWARD swinging doors only, The Door Guardian effectively childproofs your exterior doors, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

May 14, 2021



This Post is sponsored but, all opinions are my own…

Setting up your home to avoid preventable accidents like an inquisitive toddler opening and getting out of the front door, or someone breaking into your home are matters I have thought about on countless occasions. By the grace of God, none of my kids have gotten out of any of the doors in our home, however, I have had someone break into my home before.


The Break In

Back in 2013, My husband was a merchant seaman and away for months at a time, leaving me and the boys alone at home. One day, I had to run back home on a lunch break and walked into my home completely vandalized. Someone had the audacity to not only invade my privacy by breaking into our home, but they also threw a humongous boulder through our back sliding door shattering the glass (that is how they got in). They went into our freezer and stole food and made their way upstairs. I found my entire armoire completely emptied and clothes alongside other personal belongings all over our bedroom floor. I was livid and I was scared. We were not home when it happened, but I knew (1) we were moving ASAP and (2) we would need to have something in place if anything like this were to ever happen again.


The Door Guardian

My family and I never experienced a break in again after that, but we still have been adamant about safe proofing our home. We currently rent our home, so adding bolts and new locks are out of the question, so I was extremely excited to learn about The Door Guardian. The Door Guardian provides easy-to-install childproofing products that are both accessible and affordable. Their products can be applied on the front, side, back, garage, and balcony doors. The locks are simple to install, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. The Door Guardian products come with 3M tape, making for a quick, easy and mess-free installation. (You can use The Door Guardian products on wood or metal doors, and they offer different finishes, so they match your door.)



Installing the Door Guardian is a quick, two-step process. Simply place the lock near the top of your doorframe and secure it using the 3M adhesive. Once installed, the lock clicks shut, making it impossible for little hands to open the door. My two-year-old tried and tried, unsuccessfully, to open the door. Yes!


(I’ve included a short video of my husband installing the Door Guardian to our front door)

Sense of Security

At night before my family goes to sleep, my husband and I “shut down the house.” This includes turning off most interior lights, turning on certain exterior lights, and of course “locking up” all the doors. I love walking to each door, locking it, and then flipping the Door Guardian into place. It makes such a satisfying heavy “thunk” sound when it clacks into place. It’s the ultimate sound and feeling of security. It is spring loaded so when you flip it over it pulls itself into the lock position and is set in place for the night.


So, should you purchase your own???

Yes! I’m not the kind of person to get excited about a product. I barely even write reviews on products. But Door Guardian is one that I wanted to write about. Maybe because I use it and engage with it everyday, and I really like it. If you are looking to beef up security inside your home, or baby proof your home, I highly recommend this great product!