Simple Hairstyles for Moms on the Go

Are you looking for a protective style? Are you a busy mom on-the-go? Are you a busy professional and do not have time to go to the salon?

July 16, 2021

My life is extremely busy and I don’t foresee things slowing down anytime soon. From working full-time outside of the home, running a business, and being a PhD student full-time, spending hours in the bathroom styling my hair is no longer a desire nor is it an option. I went from always having to get my hair done every two weeks, to only ensuring that I get my ends trimmed and my hair treated every 6-8 weeks. As much as I try to wake-up early to get a jumpstart on my hair, the toddler of the house always has to join the party, lol, so, nowadays my morning routine has to be intentional and it has to be quick!

At one point in my life, you would never catch me wearing extensions, let alone a wig and now, ya girl is a wig connoisseur. Lol. For the most part, the wigs I wear are super easy to apply and I thought it couldn’t get any easier until I found LuvMe Hair Headband Wigs. The Headband Wig is beginner and "lazy girl" friendly, requires zero skills to apply, it's affordable, and it's super cute. Because of this wig's complete protective design, you can experiment with any texture. Texture matching is not a problem so you can choose the curl pattern you most desire and switch up your look in virtually no time.

While Headband Wigs may have seemed to appear out of thin air, making it even harder to decide which type of wig is suited for your needs, it was, in fact, a response to lace production shortages during the beginning of the pandemic. Wig-wearers were having trouble finding quality lace wigs early during the pandemic. Plus, spending more time indoors is all the more reason to find lower maintenance alternatives to help you slay at home.

A Headband Wig is the best of both worlds: they take half the time and effort of other wigs and they still give you a natural look as you can style your hairline and baby hairs to create a seamless look. Another bonus is that you can add fun, decorative headbands to any look to tie it all together and protect your natural tresses all at the same time.

The wig that I’m wearing is the Deep Wave Headband Wig with Bangs. What I love the most about this wig is that the fringe bangs prevent me from having to worry about leaving any hair out for it to look more natural. The hair is 100% virgin hair so that makes for less shedding. It comes with adjustable straps and you don’t have to worry about cutting off any lace either. The headband wig is a busy mom’s dream come true and you get to slay in no time.


Looking to try out a Headband Wig? Explore the Luvme Hair Collection to find the best match for you! 



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