10 Accessories Every Girl Should Own

From scarves to sunglasses and every thing in between, I rely on accessories to change up even the most basic pieces so today I'm sharing the 10 that I always have on hand.

April 22, 2020

Hey Girl Hey!

Happy Wednesday. We are halfway through the work week and regardless of whether you're working from home or physically required to go into work, I want to encourage by saying "Sis, we are ALMOST there!" Listen, I know that we're still quarantined and outside isn't open, but that doesn't mean we can't prepare. I made mention of Springtime/Summertime fine preparation in my "5-minute Make-up Look" post, so now I want to share with you 10 Accessories that every girl should own.

Whatever the season, it's always important to have a core collection of accessories that will elevate and complete your outfits. These can be updated regularly to suit the latest trends or you can choose versatile pieces that will carry over each season. Here are MY top 10 accessories that are a must for every woman's wardrobe.

The Perfect Everyday Handbag:

A good quality leather handbag is the key accessory for every woman. It's the one thing that we will never leave the house without and holds essentials for our everyday lives. From that laptop you're toting, to that favorite book you can't put down, even that bare essentials of lipstick, purse, and phone night out, there is a perfect handbag out there just for you!

My favorite handbag is a large black purse however, due to "Rona" my purse of choice is actually a leather tan mini book bag that I thrifted 2 months ago. I carry it on all my store runs and car rides. It holds my phone, eyeglass cleaner, glasses case, travel size toothbrush and toothpaste (I have aligners on my teeth) chapstick, wet ones, lotion, lip gloss, mini notepad, pen (for spontaneous ideas) and my wallet. I know my entire life right!

Jewelry that Compliments your Style:

No outfit is complete without a unique piece of jewelry and wearing few versatile pieces will add effortless detail to any outfit. This season we've seen all the gold coin necklaces mixed with statement chains or the 2-3 layered up look. One of my"must have" necklace i my initial necklace (I have 3 styles). I love an everyday necklace that I can depend on to add that cherry on top to any outfit. Depending on the outfit and the earring I'm sporting will essentially determine what I wear around my neck if anything.

A Classic belt

Belts are a versatile piece that can keep your jeans perfectly in place or add shape to an oversized blazer (my favorite) A classic belt in either brown or black is a wadrobe essential so you can tailor your outfit to your own personal style.

Hoop Earrings:

I was going to say GOLD hoop earrings but, I understand that everyone may not be a fan of gold jewelry so I will leave it at just hoops earrings. They vary in drop- earring speak for the distance between the bottom of your lobe and the end of the earring. From discreet mini hoops to gigantic shoulder hoops. Hoop earrings are classic accessories that have never actually gone out of style, and they are just as relevant today as they were in the disco era of the 60's and 70's.

Sunglasses and Eyewear:

A Stylish pair of sunglasses are a great way to elevate any outfit and the BIGGER the better! Whether you are disguising the excesses of the night before or rocking your favorite shades at the beach (when outside opens back up) a perfect pair of sunglasses will ensure that you are ready to slay your day.

I personally have to wear prescription glasses, I'm not interested in wearing contacts therefore, I invest in the trendiest glasses that fit my personal style. If you were blessed with excellent eyesight you can still rock a trendy pair of glasses. Check out ShopEOM (Eyes On Me), an eyewear and sunglasses store founded by optometrist Dr. Nishan Pressley (also a fellow NSU Spartan... BEHOLD) her store focuses on making protective blue light eyewear fashionable.

Midi rings:

Midi rings are so chic, interesting and popular at the moment. And, they are widely worn by many fashionistas and look absolutely amazing. Also, they are a great alternative if you want to make your outfit more stylish, out of the ordinary and trendy. In addition, their delicateness allows you to easily wear them with other pieces of jewelry such as a delicate necklace for a more feminine look or stack them with all kinds of other rings for a bolder look. I hope you like to accessorize your hands because the midi ring trend is here to stay. An absolutely effortless way to make an outfit look better and to boost our confidence by looking so trendy and eye-catching.

Stack Em Up Bracelets:
An arm party is a cool way to show off the many facets of your style. By mixing every type of bracelet you love, you can create a personal look. I love mixing my gold watch with open-ended bracelets and woven friendship bracelets.

A Pair of Dad Trainers:

A pair of box-fresh chunky Dad trainers are our go-to accessory for this season. These versatile trainers have become a fashion staple and are not only super comfy but team perfectly with jeans, a summer dress or add a low-key cool edge to a suit. They are versatile enough to wear any season and almost any occasion!

Steve Madden Chunky Dad Trainers

Wraps, Shawls, or Cardigans

Cardigans, shawls and wraps straddle the line between fashion and accessory. But if you’re simply dressed in some leggings and a sweater or t-shirt, nothing dresses up your look faster than the right wrap or cardigan. Not to mention that a little cardigan or shawl is a great item to keep in your bag when you need to spruce up your ultra casual outfit, if it’s chilly in the restaurant you’ve just arrived at or if the wind picks up.


Many women avoid hats because they think they don’t have the face for hats. With the huge amount of hat styles and colors available, every woman can look fabulously chic in a hat. Wear a hat to add whimsy, or on a bad hair day or when it’s really sunny outside.


This is a bonus essential accessory for you! Regardless of what you add to your look before you head out the door, be proud and confident of your style choice and carry that confidence all day.